Something different

If you actually expect this to be something different, you haven’t been around this blog long enough. I am, among many other more annoying traits, unoriginal, unfunny, unexpected, unorthodox, unusual, un-anything, and to cap it all off, bamboozling. Welcome to my train of thought. Except you can’t get off. There are no stops. It’s full […]

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Unshredding the shredded

How does one unshred cheese? I made the mortal mistake of shredding when I was not supposed to shred. Amidst the toils and trials and tribulations of our world, how can I be upset by something as simply as unshredding cheese? Well, I’ll tell you. *he’s going to tell! he’s going to tell. he’s going […]

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My own benefit

This is now entirely for my own benefit. 0 views in like 4 days, and I couldn’t be happier. The only reasons I’m doing this blog is because it helps feed the solipsistic, frenzied chain of wit and worry in my head. Wahoo. I’m having such a blast! I feel like Steve Martin in his […]

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Music Monday

I’m saying “Music” because this is all the music you should all listen to. I’m saying “Monday” because it starts with an M, even thought it’s actually Tuesday. Stuff has to sound cool amirite? Any of BBC 1’s Live Lounge covers. 1975’s Rather Be and What Makes You Beautiful, Jason Derulo’s Royals, Niall Horan’s Issues, […]

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Bitter. To me, a thing that makes one’s face scrunch up in discomfort or pain. Normally assigned to taste. Sweet. To me, a thing that makes one’s face relax in serenity and happiness. Normally assigned to taste also. Bittersweet. That feeling you get that hits you in the gut which reminds you that things on […]

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G, or, an Ode to Fathers

G because that’s the name of my guitar. If you don’t like it, you can stick it where the sun don’t shine because that’s her name. Through conversation with a friend’s dad, I received one of the more potent pieces of advice I’ve ever received. The advice? “Listen to your father.” Now this was the […]

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I haven’t been on here in a while. Oops. Sucks for you. If you expect this to be consistently well-written with me giving updates every day, get a new blog fam. This ain’t for you. I say what I want, and if it offends you, I’ll say it’s something wrong with you and turn a […]

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