Times of Trouble

Mother Mary comes to me. Speaking words of wisdom, let it be? Really? I’m consistently in a state of trouble? Some people would agree that defines me rather well. I should just “let it be”? If I’m in trouble, I shouldn’t defend myself? To quote a certain orange robot from Robots: “You want my advice? […]

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A Fool! A Meddling Fool!

“FOOL!” screamed I into the mirror at myself. “WHY ART THOU THEY WAY THOU ART?!” I Shakespearedly articulate into the abysmal artifice of smoke and mirrors. I scream because I have no other way to express my inner struggle, turmoil, trials, and tribulations. For an unbeknowst reason, I meddle in other’s affairs and struggle to […]

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Descartes and THC: The Creation of an Ultramodern Weltanschauung

Descartes became sick of philosophy by his early 20’s. He reasoned all the philosophies already created had no foundation. All those philosophies and philosophers thought the meaning of life lay in something outside of humans. Their “eye of the mind” was tuned outwards, towards the stars, the heavens, etc. Descartes thought that was irrational. In […]

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Non-thinking state

At the moment, I have no worries. I need not think about anything of importance. I can slip into a state of mind functioning slowly enough to simply exist. After 6+ weeks of constant thinking, thunking, worrying, stressing, writing, rushing around, and performing a daily balancing act, performing just the basic necessities to survive feels […]

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Well I made it this far. I think I’m through. I’ve had enough of this dreary world, I think it’s about time for me to check out. Who says I need more school? I’ll take Calvin’s advice and spend my days being a hunter-gatherer among the wildebeests in the Serengeti. I’m done modeling. I’m done […]

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Let’s Get Weird

Throw yourself into things wholeheartedly, you will not regret it.¬†As dead serious as a middle class, 17 year old, white, sarcastic male can be, do it. Find fun people and get crazy. Always be sober, always act drunk. My only advice, do it from behind a mask. No one cares about you, everyone cares about […]

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